Team Building x Perfumer Challenge

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The team building event will be last for 3-4 hours. Please contact us at for more details.

Perfume team building experience is fun, interactive and leaves you smelling sumptuous! Bespoke Perfume challenge is the mix of bespoke perfume creation and team building activities.  It is designed to improve team communication, collaboration and create your own bespoke perfume.

Perfumer Challenge - Everyone will create their own bespoke perfume during the event.  All guests will have opportunity to experience the process of perfume creation starting from inspiration, story,  formula design to perfume making, just like  a perfumer.  Are you dare to take the challenge?

Smell Challenge - Each team will guess the smell presented by their representative who can only give hints without saying the exact wordings of the answer.

Creative Perfume Story-Telling - Each team will smell a fragrance and then use their imagination and creativity to tell the story/moment/advertisement  inspired by the fragrance.